why do all my shirts have holes in the armpits?

Do you ever get that feeling when you’re putting on a shirt that’s been in your closet for a while, and suddenly you notice a hole in the armpit?

You might think it’s just time to move on from that shirt, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why the holes always seem to show up in the armpits?

why do shirts get holes in the armpits?

It’s actually not an accident. The armpit is a high-wear area on a shirt, and over time, the fabric wears out and eventually forms holes.

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Also, some t-shirts are stitched in a way wear that the seam in the armpit is the first to go.

So if you’re noticing more holes lately, don’t worry – it’s just normal wear and tear. But now you know what to expect, so you can be prepared for when your favorite shirt finally bites the dust.

can deodorant cause holes in shirts?

You might have also noticed that the holes in your shirts seem to line up with where you wear deodorant. That’s because the chemicals in deodorant can break down the fabric over time, which accelerates the formation of holes.

So if you want your shirts to last a little longer, you might want to consider switching to an unscented deodorant, or one that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

By taking a few simple steps to care for your shirts, you can help prevent the formation of those pesky holes and keep wearing your favorite clothes for longer.

So go ahead and stock up on new shirts – just be sure to take good care of them! And don’t forget to patch up those holes when they do eventually appear.

how do you fix armpit holes in shirts?

Once a hole appears in your shirt, there’s not much you can do to fix it. But there are a few ways to prevent further damage and make the hole less noticeable.

1. cut off loose threads

First, try cutting off any loose threads around the hole.

2. patch it

Then, you can use a piece of clear tape or fabric glue to hold the edges of the hole together. You can also try patching the hole with a piece of fabric or an iron-on patch.

If all else fails, you can always just retire the shirt to use as a painting smock or dust rag.


In conclusion, shirts get holes in the armpits because of normal wear and tear, and the chemicals in deodorant can accelerate the process.

There are a few ways to prevent holes from forming, but once they appear, the best you can do is patch them up. So take good care of your shirts, and don’t be afraid to show off those patched-up holes with pride!