What is WTAPS? Clothing Brand History Guide

What Is The Significance Of WTAPS In The Fashion Industry?

The significance of WTAPS in the fashion industry, you ask? Well, its prominence is comparable to a powerful game-changer, disrupting the industry much like Apple did in the tech world.

Established in 1997 by Tetsu Nishiyama, WTAPS quickly grew to rival the likes of brands such as Supreme in sellout times. Imagine, if you will, a rock concert where tickets sell out within minutes. That’s the level of popularity we’re talking about here.

To better paint this picture, let’s set a personal scenario. You know how you have that favorite old-school, military-style jacket that has stood the test of time and continues to be your go-to piece?

This is precisely what WTAPS does – but on a grander scale.

The brand consistently redefines itself while maintaining its high-quality, military-inspired style. Its collections are not just pieces of cloth stitched together but stories woven into a fabric that embodies philosophy, evolution, growth, and spirituality.

It is a reflection of the personal beliefs of its founder, Nishiyama.

Have you ever teamed up with a friend to work on a project?

The result, no doubt, was something far better than what either of you could have achieved alone.

Similarly, WTAPS has partnered with renowned brands like Supreme, Carhartt WIP, A Bathing Ape, and NEIGHBORHOOD to create unique clothing lines.

Adding another personal spin – remember when someone remarked how cool it was when Steve Jobs used his own iPhone?

It’s like that but Nishiyama often wears the clothing he designs, demonstrating the brand’s daily wearability and distinctive aesthetics, perfectly embodying the phrase ‘practice what you preach.’

And the creative genius behind the brand can’t be appreciated enough. Prior to launching WTAPS, Nishiyama had another venture called FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS (FPAR).

Remember how Michael Jordan initially didn’t make his high school basketball team but turned that failure into motivation for success?

The term ‘WTAPS’ actually epitomizes Nishiyama’s journey, as it’s a military phrase meaning ‘the second shot always finishes it,’ signifying his subsequent attempt in the fashion world.

So in a nutshell, WTAPS has made significant impact not just by creating popular apparel, but by defining a narrative of evolution, growth, and tenacity in the world of fashion.

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Who Is Behind The Creation Of WTAPS?

Who’s behind the creation of WTAPS, you ask? That would be Tetsu Nishiyama, and let me tell you, he’s got quite an interesting story.

You know how we often talk about people who have multiple successful projects under their belt?

Tetsu is one such person, always brimming with creativity and uniqueness.

Nishiyama initially started out with a brand called FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS (FPAR). It’s sort of like if you were baking, and FPAR was your trial batch – you’re testing out ingredients, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Similarly, Tetsu’s venture with FPAR was his first taste of fashion designing, learning the ropes, and understanding the intricacies.

Then, came WTAPS in 1997, inspired by the Ura-Harajuku movement during the early ’90s, almost like how grunge fashion got its roots from the music scene, you know?

WTAPS is a military phrase meaning “the second shot always finishes it.” That’s pretty symbolic, don’t you think?

As if this was his second trying – like he had trained hard after a loss and was back in the ring with more grit.

WTAPS soon gained a lot of recognition due to its high-quality military-look clothing. It’s like if you found the perfect jacket that not only looks great but is also super durable, you’d tell your friends about it, right?

To top it off, he’s also known for his interest in vintage bikes. Kind of like you with your love for retro cars, right

And remember when we visited the WTAPS store, GIP-Store in 2011? That’s the only physical store they have!

Speaking of which, have you checked out the new MILL collection by WTAPS?

It’s a small all-season compilation, kind of like a capsule wardrobe of essentials but with that distinctive WTAPS military-style aesthetic.

And, Nishiyama wears the clothing he designs – living branding, if you will. It’s akin to you making your pasta sauce and then enjoying it yourself because it’s simply that delicious.

So, quickly summarizing, Tetsu Nishiyama, the mastermind behind WTAPS, is like a baker who has perfected his recipe, a boxer making his comeback, a TV director creating successful crossovers, and a chef enjoying his handmade pasta.

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How Does WTAPS Set Itself Apart From Other Brands?

So, you asked, “How does WTAPS set itself apart from other brands?” Well, imagine fashion brands as musical artists.

Some artists produce pop music, which is designed to appeal to the masses with catchy melodies that often take inspiration from what’s already popular. These are your typical mainstream brands.


Think of it more as an indie-rock band who stays true to their unique sound regardless of what’s hitting the charts.

You see, my friend, WTAPS was born out of the creative genius of Tetsu Nishiyama back in 1997, the same year Radiohead reinvented alternative rock with ‘OK Computer’.

While most brands were leaning towards replicating Western styles, Nishiyama chose a different path, weaving his appreciation for military styles and his personal philosophies into the brand’s DNA.

Each collection introduces elements of philosophy, evolution, growth, and spirituality, reflecting not just the style, but the personal beliefs of Nishiyama himself.

It’s like when a musician puts their soul into every song and strikes a chord with the listener, making a lasting impression.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics! Imagine if you had a pair of jeans that looked great on you but fell apart after a few washes versus a pair that not only looked fantastic but lasted for years.

That’s the thing about WTAPS – they deliver high-quality clothing that they stand behind.

Durability is as much part of their brand as military-inspired aesthetics.

Do you know how much you love and appreciate your old, worn-in leather jacket that seems like it’s been through battles with you?

That’s how WTAPS wants you to feel about their pieces.

Finally, the founder himself incorporates his brand into his personal style, illustrating both its daily wearability and distinctive aesthetics. It’s like witnessing your favorite musician play live, not just for the show but for the love of their craft.

Except here, instead of a guitar, Nishiyama’s tools are his own designs.

In essence, WTAPS stands out by not just selling clothing, but by offering bits of a unique perspective built on self-introspection, spirituality, durability, and a distinctive flair for streetwear and military aesthetics.

It’s for those who seek not just clothing, but a wearable philosophy that stands the test of time.

What Influenced The Establishment Of WTAPS?

What influenced the establishment of WTAPS?”

Well, my friend, the inception of this unique streetwear brand has traces its beginnings back to the Ura-Harajuku movement in the early ’90s.

You remember me talking about the Ura-Harajuku movement, right?

It was a defining era in Japan’s urban fashion landscape that inspired a league of avant-garde designers.

Think of it like this: if you’re a musician, the music you create is often influenced by the sounds you grew up with or the trends that are making waves during your formative years.

The name WTAPS itself is a military phrase, much like how you named your app “Kernel,” referencing the core part of an operating system.

Before establishing WTAPS, Nishiyama also had a stint with A BATHING APE (BAPE). It’s not unlike how you had your period of collaborations and internships before setting up your own tech enterprise.

So, in a nutshell, Nishiyama’s exposure to the Ura-Harajuku movement, his prior venture FPAR, and his collaboration with BAPE all sowed the seeds that eventually grew into the brand we know as WTAPS. Much like your own journey, isn’t it?

Credits: 堀雄大 Yudai Hori

In Which Ways Has WTAPS Evolved Over The Years?

In which ways has WTAPS evolved over the years, you ask? Well, let’s dig into it a bit.

You see, it’s kind of like watching a favorite movie of yours over and over, and with each watch, you notice something new – a detail, a subplot, or even a line of dialogue that contributes to the evolution of the story. The same could be said about WTAPS’ evolution.

When Tetsu Nishiyama first established WTAPS in 1997, the brand was a part of the Ura-Harajuku movement in the early ’90s that brought about a fresh and rebellious take on streetwear.

Imagine it like your favorite local band picking up a new sound that totally goes against the grain.

Over the years, though, the brand consistently redefines itself. It’s like how a classic novel can adopt different interpretations each time you read it.

With each collection, the brand introduces elements of philosophy, evolution, growth, and spirituality – all reflecting Nishiyama’s personal beliefs.

It’s something akin to how our favorite comic book hero often goes through different writers, each one possibly exploring different aspects of the same character.

Also, the brand has continually evolved in its focus on high-quality clothing inspired by military style, but goes beyond just the aesthetic.

It’s not just about looking like a soldier; it’s about combining the essence of military functionality with daily wearability.

Think about it like swapping your old college hoodie for a slick, durable field jacket that still gives you the comfort but also makes a style statement.

Further cementing its evolution, WTAPS recently unveiled the new MILL collection, an all-season compilation of essential staple pieces. It’s much like your favorite restaurant adding an all-year-round special that combines their best dishes.

Nishiyama himself sets a personal example by often wearing the clothing he designs, further bringing out the brand’s distinctive aesthetics.

And let’s not forget the collaborations with well-known brands like Supreme, Carhartt WIP, A Bathing Ape, and NEIGHBORHOOD. Such partnerships served to add different flavors to the mix, much like how adding new spices to a familiar dish can elevate it to new heights.

Like any dynamic entity, WTAPS continues to evolve – staying ahead of the streetwear curve, charting new directions, pushing boundaries. Now, isn’t that what evolution is all about?

What Notable Collaborations Has WTAPS Been A Part Of?

So, you’re asking about the notable collaborations that WTAPS has been a part of? Alright buddy, picture this.

You remember WTAPS, right? The streetwear brand Tetsu Nishiyama established back in 1997.

Kind of like how you and I collaborated on that science project back in high school. Well, this Japanese brand has done something similar, but on a far grander scale.

They’ve teamed up with some really big names in the industry. It’s a bit like when we organize a friendly soccer match and manage to get that local semi-pro player to join our team. Except in the case of WTAPS, the semi-pros we’re talking about are major international labels.

Remember when you copped those signature camo pants from Supreme? Picture that, but this time, it’s a whole collection created by Supreme and WTAPS. Yeah, you heard it right.

It was a big deal in the streetwear scene, just as it would be if Messi suddenly played in our town’s football league.

Think about your favorite Carhartt WIP jacket – now imagine that style mixed with WTAPS’ military-inspired aesthetics. Yes! That also happened. WTAPS brought their own spin to Carhartt WIP’s classic rugged style.

Likewise, they also partnered with A Bathing Ape, the brand you have a couple of sweatshirts from, if I remember correctly.

On top of that, they worked with another famed Japanese label, NEIGHBORHOOD. They’re all game-changing collaborations, much like if you mixed Beyonce and, say, Ed Sheeran in the music world.

So in the realm of streetwear fashion, WTAPS stands tall as that awesome kid who teams up with the cool kids on the block, making it even cooler!

Did that help you visualize it a bit better, buddy?

What Are The Key Product Lines Of WTAPS?

Well, you asked about the key product lines of WTAPS, right?

Imagine this brand as a unique treasure chest. It’s just brimming with a range of high-quality clothing inspired by military style.

You know, it’s a lot like how a soldier fields a toolkit of versatile and reliable gear, each piece specially designed for a specific purpose.

One pivotal product line can be noted as their staple pieces.

These are essentials just like your favorite pair of jeans or a trusty pair of sneakers. You know the ones, right?

The ones that last years and even when they start to wear out, they only seem to get better?

That’s what WTAPS aims for in their staple pieces.

Then, there’s the new MILL collection. It’s like a capsule wardrobe, a small compilation of versatile apparel that can be mixed and matched for any season. Imagine having a small suitcase of clothes but being able to wear them in a hundred different ways.

Handy and elegant, right?

Basically, everything they design is similar to that – multifaceted. They throw in elements of philosophy, evolution, growth, and spirituality into their clothes. It’s like they’re not just designing clothes, but they’re crafting stories. Their pieces are more than just clothing, they’re expressions and markers of the wearer’s journey.

It’s noteworthy that the brand also offers men’s, women’s, and youth apparel through their label Descendant. It’s as if they’re building a fashion legacy across generations.

Each line satisfies a different segment but carries the same level of quality and inspired design.

Overall, the brand is pretty cool, like the intersection where your favorite book and a comfortable hoodie meet. You should check it out.

How Has WTAPS Influenced Streetwear Style Globally?

How has WTAPS influenced streetwear style globally?” you ask. It’s all about the brand’s specific approach to fashion – an approach shaped by a variety of influences unique to its founder, Tetsu Nishiyama.

The WTAPS imprint on the streetwear scene can be likened to how a skilled DJ skillfully blends music genres to create a distinctive sound.

Similarly, WTAPS blends military-inspired design, philosophical concepts, and a distinct Japanese street style in a way that’s resonated around the world.

The brand’s high-quality pieces, reminiscent of durable military apparel, offer an alternative to flash-and-dash trends.

Much like picking a sturdy and reliable Swiss pocket knife over a flimsy one from a local convenience store, the brand has earned a place in wardrobes for its dependability and aesthetic appeal.

Consistently producing evolving staple pieces that appeal year-round, instead of focusing on seasonal charm, WTAPS has exhibited a striking similarity to icons like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger—maintaining a consistent DNA while continuing to innovate.

So, in a nutshell, WTAPS has influenced global streetwear style by injecting a thought-provoking blend of durability, philosophy, and a military-inspired aesthetic into the wardrobes of many.

And its impact keeps on reverberating, just like the echo in a canyon after a loud yell.

What Does The Future Hold For WTAPS?

“What does the future hold for WTAPS?” You might ask.

Well, given its continuously evolving philosophy and the manner in which it seamlessly incorporates diverse elements such as spirituality, growth, and evolution into its collections, the future seems bright and innovative for WTAPS.

Imagine this – you have the Terminator, continuously learning, adapting, and reprogramming itself. That’s WTAPS.

The brand gathers insights from each new design, each new collaboration, much like accumulating data for a machine learning algorithm, then reinvents itself to cater to the desires and needs of its ever-growing clientele.

It’s like the brand is powered by a metaphorical AI engine; constantly learning, continuously evolving.

That’s their secret to staying fresh and relevant.

Take a step deeper and consider the brand’s recent MILL collection, an all-season collection of staple pieces. This is a clear indication of the brand’s intention to provide clothing options that transcend seasonal limitations.

It’s like a Swiss army knife of fashion, offering functional, versatile, and stylish options for any season, scenario, or vibe you might find yourself in.

This pattern heralds an era of continuous evolution for the brand and its counterparts.

By thinking of Tetsu Nishiyama’s passion for his creations – akin to Steve Jobs’ passion for his products – you understand the brand’s future direction.

Like Jobs wore his turtleneck and jeans, Nishiyama often sports his designs, demonstrating their daily wearability and distinctive aesthetics. That practical, embodied passion will surely keep pushing WTAPS forward.

So, in a nutshell, the future for WTAPS looks like a symphony where innovation, diverse influences, collaborations, and steadfast attention to quality play together harmoniously.

Only time will reveal the future beats of this high-fashion symphony. But considering what we’ve seen so far, we’re in for a treat.

Where Can I Purchase Original WTAPS Clothing?

“Where can you purchase original WTAPS clothing?” You may be wondering. The answer is that WTAPS clothing can typically be found at its sole flagship store, GIPStore, which was unveiled in 2011. Think of GIPStore as the heart of the brand itself, almost like a gallery where all the masterpieces from Tetsu Nishiyama, the genius behind the brand, live.

Also, considering the fact that WTAPS is a high-profile brand with global recognition, there are various prestigious online and physical retailers that stock the brand.

Some examples could include online platforms like Grailed or SSENSE, which are like the Amazon for streetwear, offering products from many different brands including WTAPS.

However, you need to be cautious with online shopping because, let’s face it, the internet can sometimes be like a Pandora’s box.

When dealing with popular brands like WTAPS, you could encounter knockoffs or fakes.

Always make sure to verify the authenticity of the products and the reputation of the seller.

So, to find and buy original WTAPS clothing, you’ve got to have a bit of the explorer’s spirit, venturing into their flagship store, maneuvering through the bustling online marketplaces, or keeping an eye out for those exciting and exclusive collaborations. Happy hunting, my friend!

What Is The Price Range For WTAPS Items?

So, you’re asking about the price range for WTAPS items. That’s a tough one to nail down specifically, because the pricing can vary depending on the type of clothing piece and collection.

To give you a sense of the ballpark though, think of WTAPS as being on a similar pricing tier as brands like Supreme or A Bathing Ape.

Imagine walking into a store and spotting a high-quality shirt that you really like. It’s not your run-of-the-mill shirt, but one that showcases elements of philosophy, evolution, growth, and spirituality, much like WTAPS does.

For a piece like that, you could generally expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200.

Now, let’s say we’re talking about a jacket, which again, isn’t your average jacket.

Trust me, you’ll recognize a WTAPS jacket when you see one – the uniqueness, the attention to detail, the military-inspired style, all reflecting the personal beliefs of the founder, Tetsu Nishiyama.

Jackets from collections like their recent MILL collection, an all-season compilation of essential staple pieces, can go for anywhere between $300 and $800, if not more.

So, to sum it all up, with WTAPS, you’re paying for high-quality, durable, uniquely designed streetwear. It’s like purchasing an original piece of artwork; the value goes beyond the material and the labor.

It’s about owning a piece of culture, a brand that consistently redefines itself, and a garment that holds an inherent philosophy within its threads.

Why Is WTAPS So Popular Among Enthusiasts?

Well, mate, imagine you’re a collector of authentic, vintage vinyl records. You love them not just for the music, but for the inherent quality and history they possess.

That’s how streetwear enthusiasts feel about WTAPS. Just like those old-school records, each piece of WTAPS clothing comes with an unmatched level of authenticity and nuance that other brands simply can’t replicate.

This Japanese streetwear brand, established in 1997 by Tetsu Nishiyama, is like the Beatles of the fashion world. Its explosive popularity and quick sellout times are comparable to what happens when a band like Nirvana drops a new album.

Fans are lining up out the door, even camping out overnight just to get first dibs, similar to how fans behave during a Supreme drop.

WTAPS is revered predominantly due to its military-inspired style, which is a unique feature in the streetwear universe.

Picture being a soldier in a fashion army, and you’ve got standard-issue items that are both durable and stylish, that’s what you get with WTAPS.

Much like how you appreciate your grandmother’s reliable and unchanging apple pie recipe; this high-quality, military-inspired, and durable clothing range is loved for its staple styles that constantly evolve, whilst maintaining a familiar core.

Moreover, WTAPS’ flagship store ‘GIPStore’ and its newer collections such as the MILL range, offer elements of philosophy, evolving styles, growth, and even spirituality. Imagine you’re reading a novel series by a master storyteller.

Each book brings in new elements, deepening the overall narrative, enriching the characters, and still managing to tie back into the original plot.

Likewise, this brand mirrors the same dynamics, reflecting the personal ethos of the founder, while consistently evolving and growing.

One important aspect is that Nishiyama, the brand’s founder, often wears the clothing he designs, quite like a prominent chef who only serves dishes that he himself would savor.

This exudes confidence in his brand’s wearability, aesthetics, and quality.

WTAPS has also collaborated with other big brands you might be a fan of, like Supreme, Carhartt WIP, and A Bathing Ape.

So, if you’re an enthusiast, these collaborations are like the ultimate supergroup coming together to drop a new album – an experience not to be missed.

So there you have it. That’s how WTAPS is winning the hearts of enthusiasts with its consistent quality, authenticity, and dynamic evolution. It’s like a vintage bike—maintaining its charm, becoming harder to find, and increasing in value over time.

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What Celebrities Have Been Spotted Wearing WTAPS?

So, you’re asking about what celebrities have been spotted wearing WTAPS.

Well, based on the data points we have here, I have to clarify that there’s no specific mention of any celebrity endorsements or known figures in the entertainment or sports industry who have been spotted in WTAPS.

However, considering the brand’s high street credibility and quick sell-out times, it wouldn’t be unusual to imagine it being worn by the likes of trend-setting celebrities, much like how Supreme and BAPE have been sported by artists like Travis Scott or Kanye West.

Bringing it closer to home, just think of when we spot those limited-edition sneakers on someone at a concert or festival – it’s the same kind of intrigue and appeal that brands like WTAPS, Supreme, and BAPE have.

But remember, the main appeal of WTAPS is not necessarily its celebrity endorsement but its distinctive military-inspired style, high-quality construction, and close association with its founder, Tetsu Nishiyama.

Moreover, just like we often wear our own custom-made shirts to our DJ gigs, Nishiyama himself often wears the clothing he designs, demonstrating the brand’s daily wearability and distinctive aesthetics.

So, even though we can’t point to specific celebrities wearing WTAPS right now, the brand has its own unique style and appeal that doesn’t heavily rely on celebrity endorsements for attraction.”

How Can I Identify An Authentic WTAPS Product?

So, you’re asking, ‘How can I identify an authentic WTAPS product?’ That’s a great question, and trust me, you’re not alone in this.

Think of it this way, if the authenticity of a WTAPS product is like being a veteran soldier, then spotting a fake one is like pointing out a cadet in a soldier’s uniform.

Knowing the brand’s characteristics is essential. The products typically have a minimalist and clean aesthetic with its unique styling.

Also, take notice of the material used. WTAPS is known for high-quality, durable materials. Just like we wouldn’t expect a world-class chef to use sub-par ingredients, the same goes for Nishiyama and his brand.

Another good indicator of authenticity is the label and the stitch work. Authentic WTAPS labels are always clearly printed and well stitched.

For instance, if you look at a WTAPS t-shirt, you’ll see that all the seams are neat, and the label print is sharp.

If it’s fuzzy like an out-of-focus photo or the stitching looks like an afterthought, you’re probably looking at a fake.

Also, remember the ethos of the brand is military precision, evolution, growth, and spirituality.

If the piece doesn’t convey these elements in its design or craftsmanship, chances are high that it’s a counterfeit.

It’s like expecting an action movie and getting a romantic comedy instead – something just doesn’t fit right.

Lastly, be aware of where you’re purchasing from. WTAPS unveiled its flagship store, GIPStore, in 2011. So buying directly from their store ensures authenticity.

If you are purchasing online or from a reseller, ensure that they are respectable and trusted sellers in the community.

Buying a WTAPS piece from an obscure website with low prices is a red flag, just like purchasing a Rolex from a street vendor – it smells fishy.

Remember, my friend, spotting a fake requires a keen eye and knowledge about the brand. Keep these signs in mind, and you would make Nishiyama himself proud!

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What Are Some Iconic WTAPS Product Releases?

Some iconic WTAPS product releases, you ask? Well, let’s dive in. Picture yourself strolling the streets of Tokyo, all decked out in a blend of military precision and performative streetwear.

One of the key collections that might come to mind is the “MILL” collection. It’s like the essential staple pieces in your daily wardrobe but amplified with a high-quality, unique streetwear twist.

Just as the mill grinds wheat into flour, this collection refines everyday wardrobe basics into fashion power pieces.

The brand also has a history of fruitful collaborations, creating distinctive pieces that showcase WTAPS’ military-inspired aesthetics, fused with the unique style of others.

Imagine merging the blue-collar symbolism of Carhartt WIP with the street-smart, military functionality of WTAPS. Or synchronizing the outlandish graphics of A Bathing Ape with the restrained, detailed style of WTAPS – that’s exactly what they did!

Of course, Nishiyama’s own lifestyle forms a vital part of the brand. It’s as if his philosophy, spirituality, and personal evolution have been woven into the fabric of each garment.

Think about wearing a sweater that carries the same story, values, and identity as the person who made it.

That intimacy and personal touch is a big part of what made releases such as the resurrection of Forty Percent Against Rights or the creation of Descendant, his other apparel line, so unique.

So, you see, iconic WTAPS product releases are more than just clothing drops; they’re artistic and thematic representations of the brand’s founder and ethos.

The next time you pull on a piece from one of their collections, remember that you’re donning a story, a belief, and a piece of evolving fashion history.

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