What is The Pop Trading Company

What Is The Pop Trading Company?

“What exactly is the Pop Trading Company?” you ask. Picture this: It’s like that cool, older kid you looked up to in your neighborhood who had the freshest kicks and coolest skateboard.

That’s pretty much Pop Trading Company, a trailblazing fashion brand hailing from the skater-savvy city of Amsterdam. The brand kicked off in 2003, thanks to Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest, two daring founders who started from the distribution side of the industry before diving into the depths of fashion design.

Imagine being a chef at a popular joint, recognized and loved for your special recipes. That’s how Pop Trading Company stands, it’s lauded not only for its top-quality skateboard and streetwear apparel but also its standout designs.

Think of it like the ‘Banksy’ of the skating fashion world, mixing good-old classic skate styles with chic streetwear touches. It’s like seeing your favorite 80’s rock band wearing the trendiest street clothes.

Pop Trading Company is not the kind of brand that confines its creativity to just their team. Imagine having a band, and then inviting different musicians to jam with you time and again. It’s the same thing!

They collaborate with various artists, brands and skaters to create limited edition collections – this is their testament to fostering creativity and innovation.

Their online store is like a 24-7 open stylish warehouse where you can grab their latest gear. And they don’t just stop at making cool clothing.

They’re like a jack-of-all-trades in the skater world, distributing and producing their own products, and even providing consultation.

They’ve even managed to weather a financial storm thanks to support from others who believe in their vision, successfully launching their own line in 2015.

Talk about perseverance!

They continue to grow just like a well-nurtured sapling but are also aware that they may face challenges in finding suitable retailers in the future due to their selective approach.

Hopefully, this gives you a clearer picture of the relentless and creative giant that is the Pop Trading Company!

Featured Image Credits: Pop Trading Company

Who Owns The Pop Trading Company?

“Who owns the Pop Trading Company?” That’s indeed a question worth asking. Just imagine if your favorite band was headed by your hometown heroes, wouldn’t you feel an even better connection?

That’s the kind of experience you get with Pop Trading Company.

The stage was set in the incredible city of Amsterdam and the two leads of this story are none other than Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest.

Imagine two friends, who grew up together falling in love with the same passion and deciding to take on the world. It’s like when you and your childhood friend decide to turn that lemonade stand into a real business.

You start by distributing lemons, learn about the lemonade industry inside out, and then one day, create your own unique recipe. Peter and Ric were initially distributors too! They knew the industry in and out, and then made the daring move to establish their own brand, Pop Trading Company.

Pop Trading Company is their brainchild, their baby if you will. Like proud parents, they’ve nurtured and grown it from the ground up. Despite facing difficulties along the way, like the financial crisis that hit like an unexpected thunderstorm, they weathered the storm with determination and grit, delivering their first in-house line of clothing in 2015.

So the rein holders of Pop Trading Company are the tenacious duo, Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest. And just like we sometimes look up to people who overcome difficulties and strive for success, the story of these two founders is truly inspiring.

They’re not just owners, they’re creators, inventors, and brave venturers of the skate fashion world. Doesn’t that make you respect your skater t-shirt a little bit more?

pop trading company

Credits: Pop Trading Company

When Was The Pop Trading Company Established?

“When was the Pop Trading Company established?” Oh, let me take you back in time, like hitting a rewind button on your favorite film. The year was 2003, not so long ago, right?

Picture this- it’s the same year the world first fell in love with the elf Buddy in the movie “Elf” and everyone was out there downloading songs from iTunes for the very first time.

Imagine you’re just getting to grips with new technology (Hi there, Myspace!) when out of nowhere, in the hip and happening city of Amsterdam, the Pop Trading Company is being born. It feels like yesterday, doesn’t it?

The savvy founders, Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest, kick-started this journey in the fashion industry. Imagine them working in the background, sort of like two mechanics fixing up an old car and turning it into a hot rod. Once they got their engine – the Pop Trading Company – up and running, there was no stopping them.

So, to answer your question: Pop Trading Company pulled up its fashion and skateboarding hybrid ride onto the scene in 2003, and what a ride it has been!

pop trading companyCredits: Pop Trading Company

Where Is The Pop Trading Company Based?

“Where is the Pop Trading Company based?” you ask. Picture this – you’re on a thrilling Euro trip, touring the captivating continent. As you drift further up north, you stumble upon Netherlands, known for its gorgeous tulip fields, mesmerizing windmills, and delectable cheese. But that’s not the only thing catching your attention.

You find yourself drawn to this buzzing and hip city, Amsterdam, kind of like a moth to a flame.

Imagine Amsterdam as this beautiful painting made up of charming canals, stunning architecture, and a vibe that’s as infectious as your favorite vacation anthem.

Now, let’s say you’re a cool cat who’s into fashion and skateboarding. And you stumble upon this hotspot in Amsterdam that represents you! It’s a bit like finding your favorite author’s novel in the bookshop at the airport – you feel an instant sense of belonging.

You’ve landed at the Pop Trading Company’s home base. Yes, the Pop Trading Company is superlatively based out of Amsterdam, making the creative, buzzing city its playground and workstation.

Housed there, the Pop Trading Company blends the classic charm of Amsterdam with edgy skater style, sort of like peanut butter meeting jelly in a sandwich.

The iconic city serves not just as a geographical location but as an inspiration and backdrop for the company’s unique designs as well. So, next time you ride through this chilly city, don’t forget to drop by and live the experience!

To tie it up, if Amsterdam were a delicious, multi-layered sandwich, think of the Pop Trading Company as that mouth-watering, secret sauce nestled between them, enhancing its flavor, making it unforgettable.

And that’s exactly where the Pop Trading Company is based – the vibrant, artistic city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. An address worth remembering, isn’t it?

pop trading company

Credits: Pop Trading Company

Why Was The Pop Trading Company Created?

“Why was the Pop Trading Company created?” Well, imagine that you’ve always had a love for music and finally decide to start your own band.

You already have the skills of an accomplished guitarist, and you’ve been distributing sheet music to shops around the city for some time; you’ve got an in-depth understanding of the business.

But you want to add your own rhythm, your own tune, to the industry. In short, you want to stir the waters. That’s pretty much the story behind the creation of Pop Trading Company.

Remember the two main guys, Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest? It’s like they’d been fiddling with a Rubik’s cube (the distribution side of the skateboard and fashion industry, in this case) for a while, and once they’d figured out how to solve it from all angles, they decided to twist and turn it into something of their own.

Like you with your band, they didn’t just want to be part of something; they wanted to create and shape it. And so, they decided to form Pop Trading Company.

Think of it as a band that not only plays music but also composes its own tunes – mixing classic skateboard styles with streetwear and incorporating artistic influences.

So, why was Pop Trading Company created? It was born out of a drive for creativity, innovation, and a love for skate culture – much like your motivation to start a band would probably stem from your passion for music.

It was an avenue for the founders to express their creativity, experiment with fashion, and contribute to the skateboarding industry.

And it wasn’t just about making clothes and skate gear. No, it was about creating an entire brand that represented a unique aesthetic, a high level of quality, and an unwavering commitment to the skate community.

Kind of like how your band would have a distinctive sound, committed fanbase, and a unique style that makes you stand out in the crowd.

So, whether you’re tuning your guitar or lacing up your skate shoes, remember, it’s all about creating something original, bringing your passion to life, and making a mark in the industry – just like Pop Trading Company did!

How Does The Pop Trading Company Operate?

“How does the Pop Trading Company operate?” you ask. Well, let’s break it down.

Imagine you’re hosting a big party. You absolutely love throwing parties and want to make sure everyone has an unforgettable time. You’re also a stickler for details – from creating the invite list to choosing the appetizers, everything’s meticulously planned to perfection.

Essentially, you’re thinking of your party as an opportunity to show off your unique style and taste, which is all an extension of who you are.

That’s pretty much how Pop Trading Company operates. They’re always throwing this metaphorical party that attracts skaters and fashion enthusiasts who value craftsmanship and style.

Just like you want distinctive flavors at your party, Pop Trading Company wants its designs to be unique and appealing. They collaborate with artists, brands, and even skaters to this effect.

Think of these collaborations as inviting your chef friend to cook at your party or having your friend’s band play those awesome tunes. It’s about injecting novelty, excitement, and creativity into each collection, making it much more than just another clothing line.

One more thing: imagine you’ve found an excellent way to share your party details – maybe you’ve made a website with all the information that your friends can access anytime. That’s exactly what Pop Trading Company has done by creating an online platform.

No matter where you are, their online store is just a few clicks away, introducing you to their latest collections like the new hot playlist for the party.

Oh, and during the party, you love engaging with the guests, right? Pop Trading Company enjoys this as well. They actively maintain a bond with the skateboarding community, sponsoring professional riders and even organizing regular skate sessions, similar to how you’d have dance-offs or fancy cocktail games going on.

So, to fully understand how they “party” or operate, imagine everything you do when planning a party. From personalizing invites (creating unique, fresh designs), to delighting the attendees (engaging their fans with skate sessions), it’s all about creating an exceptional experience and nurturing a community that loves and appreciates the essence of their brand.

In essence, the Pop Trading Company is like the ultimate party host, throwing one epic shindig after another, dazzling their guests with phenomenal fashions, and ensuring they remember the party long after they’ve gone home. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

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