What is The Patta Clothing Brand?

What Is The Patta Clothing Brand?

“What is the Patta clothing brand?” you may ask. Picture this — Patta is kind of like the cool, trend-setting cousin in the realm of streetwear.

Patta was born out of the brilliant minds of Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt in the bustling city of Amsterdam. Both of them being key players in the Dutch hiphop and nightlife scenes, imagine the birth of a brand as cool as the lifeline to a thriving party.

They started Patta as a niche boutique idolizing and selling sneakers — kind of like a treasure trove for sneaker enthusiasts, if I may say. Now, wouldn’t that be a haven for sneaker lovers like us who compulsively hunt for that perfect pair of kicks?

Later on, similar to an artist exploring different forms of art, Patta extended its creativity to an exclusive apparel line. The clothing line, like the enticing plot of a good book, reveals the authentically ingrained street culture.

The name Patta, an insider’s tip, is essentially a Surinamese slang term for “shoe”. It’s like how ‘cuppa’ is a British colloquial term for a cup of tea – Patta resonates the same affection in the world of sneakers.

One of the most beautiful things about Patta, I find, is how it’s like a closely-knit community. It not only represents a proudly black-owned streetwear brand but also has an inclination towards collaborations and cultural exchanges, kind of like a vibrant melting pot of ideas and identities.

Now, imagine a brand that not only creates fashion but also gives back to society. The Patta Foundation proudly supports a myriad of initiatives and schools – akin to a vigilant neighbor constantly looking out for its community.

If you’re wondering about shipping feasibility — Let’s say, for instance, you’re somewhere in the EU and you’ve stacked up purchases worth over €250 at Patta, guess what? It’s your lucky day! The shipping’s on the house!

Of course, like any great story, Patta’s journey wasn’t all roses. They faced challenges, but just like marathon runners, they persevered without losing sight of their vision.

So, Patta, in essence, is more than just a clothing brand. It’s a hub for cultural conversation, a canvas for creative exploration, and a dedicated proponent of streetwear authenticity.

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Who Founded The Patta Clothing Brand?

“Who founded the Patta clothing brand?” you ask. Well, imagine this. You’re hanging out with your pals, sipping on a beverage, and someone brings up the topic of a cool clothing brand, Patta.

And then you swoop in like a trivia pro sharing fascinating, insider tidbits, impressing everyone in the room. So, let’s get you armed with facts, my dear friend.

Think about band duos who create magic on stage – like Lennon and McCartney of the Beatles or Simon and Garfunkel. Now, in the world of street fashion, we have our dynamic duo – Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt. They’re like the Lennon and McCartney of streetwear, harmoniously blending their unique styles and ideas to create a brand that resonates with the urban street culture.

Both these gentlemen are the beating heart of Patta. Based in Amsterdam, a city popular for its eclectic style and vibrant culture, these men were their own flavour of cool cats, thanks to their active contributions to the Dutch hiphop and nightlife scenes.

Imagine how a music connoisseur captures the essence of different genres and compositions. Similarly, Edson and ‘Gee’ captured the vibrant cultural nuances and translated it into their brand, Patta.

So, there it is! The Patta brand was founded by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt, who were like two chefs creating a new recipe by merging their distinct tastes and preferences in the engaging world of streetwear.

In their hands, Patta becomes a symphony of creativity and culture, just like a hit track that you can’t help but groove to!


Credit: Yerri Perri

When Was The Patta Clothing Brand Established?

“When was the Patta clothing brand established?” Allow me to take you on a journey here. Just imagine it’s the early millennium. Popular tracks of OutKast or Eminem are booming in your car’s stereo.

Around the same time, the distinctive fashion phenomenon that is Patta took its roots.

Yes, you heard it right! The brainchild of Edward Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt, Patta was established during the vibrant cultural melting pot of those years, indeed shaping a new era in streetwear.

Much like how movies often capture the essence of the era they are set in – think of the bell-bottoms in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ representing the 70s – Patta defines its founding era’s street culture.

So the next time you wear a Patta piece or step into your Patta sneakers, you’ll be channeling a piece of that early 2000s vibes.

Just think about it – you’re not only putting on a piece of clothing, but you’re also becoming part of a revolution that started around two decades ago.

You’re rocking a brand that, just like a fine wine or your favorite playlist, has only got better with time. The vintage charm is packed with a modern cool, my friend, that’s Patta for you.

Where Is The Patta Clothing Brand Based?

“Where is the Patta clothing brand based?” you ask. Now, this is where it gets exciting. Picture you and your friends planning a thrilling European escapade. One of the stops? The vibrant city of Amsterdam is known for its charming canals, historical sites, famous museums, and of course, the Patta store.

You see, Patta is based and blossomed in this bustling hub of culture and creativity, much like a tulip in the heart of Amsterdam. Just like the city braids together history, art, and nightlife seamlessly, Patta weaves together fashion, culture, and streetwear in a way that’s uniquely their own.

Just like how New York is synonymous with skyscrapers and Paris with croissants and the Eiffel Tower, Patta is an integral part of Amsterdam, a representation of its street culture fashion scene.

So, wherever you are, if you’re wearing Patta, you’re carrying a slice of Amsterdam with you. Every piece, every thread, and every design is infused with some essence of this Dutch city.

Similar to how one can identify the city of a postcard by its popular landmarks, Patta threads Amsterdam’s street culture into all its designs.

So, the next time you’re stepping foot in your Patta sneakers or sporting a Patta hoodie or shirt, remember, you’ve got Amsterdam right there with you.


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Why Is The Patta Clothing Brand Popular?

“Why is the Patta clothing brand popular?” you ask. Let’s consider this – you know how there’s always that one kid in class or an artist in a field who effortlessly stands out in the crowd and leaves an impression on everyone? Patta, my dear friend, is that ‘one’ in the world of streetwear.

Patta earned its popularity badge due to many standout aspects. For starters, remember those favorite sneakers or a clothing piece you bought from a local boutique around the corner, which you cherished a lot because it had a certain uniqueness to it, a certain charm?

Well, that’s exactly how Patta began its journey. Initially started as a sneaker boutique, it brought together exclusive, avant-garde pieces under one roof. Someone entering the Patta store was like a kid entering a candy shop; the array of offerings was hard to resist.

But Patta did not just stop with sneakers. Picture your favorite rock band. Initially, they may have just started with guitar and vocals, but as they matured in their craft, they expanded their sound by incorporating drums, keyboard, and a variety of instruments.

Just as that, Patta went beyond sneakers and introduced a clothing line of their own. This apparel collection, my friend, is like a visual narration of the urban street culture, with each piece speaking volumes about the thoughts, ideas, and vibes that drive the Patta brand.

As we are on the topic of rock bands, you know how the best ones are not just about the music but also about the energy they exude, and the connection they form with the audience? Similarly, Patta goes beyond being just a brand.

It actively engages with the community, supports initiatives and schools through the Patta Foundation, and has a strong inclination towards collaborations and cultural exchanges. This makes the brand all the more endearing to people who seek more than materialistic satisfaction from their clothing.

The Patta brand is like the person at a party who lights up the room with their vibrant personality and interesting stories. It pulls you in with its authenticity, and much like the favorite guest at a party, it leaves an impact on you.

People don’t simply wear Patta; they resonate with it, they live it. This is why Patta enjoys the popularity it does in the world of fashion. To put it simply, Patta nails the art of being popular by striking the perfect balance between style, substance, and social consciousness.

Credit: Yerri Perri

How Did The Patta Clothing Brand Gain Recognition?

“How did the Patta clothing brand gain recognition?” I hear you say. That’s an intriguing question, indeed! So, let’s dive straight into it.

Picture this: You’re a food influencer, starting at the ground level. How do you climb the ranks to gain recognition? You start with creating appetizing, mouthwatering food content, sharing recipes that are true to your style and taste.

You engage with your followers, you collaborate with other foodies, and gradually, over time, you cook up a storm of followers who relish your content.

The success story of Patta runs somewhat parallel to this. When Patta popped onto the scene, they started out as a sneaker boutique. Think of this as their appetizing, mouthwatering content. People flocked to Patta to grab those exclusive, stylish sneakers, the same way customers queue up in front of a gelato shop on a hot summer day.

Patta’s sneakers were a hot trend, admired not just for their look and quality, but also for bringing forward the essence of street culture. This was Patta’s unique recipe, their secret sauce, if you will.

But Patta didn’t stop there. They were innovative and knew that they had to expand their offerings to maintain interest. That’s like our food influencer who, after gaining popularity for their mouth-watering pasta recipes, decides to experiment with desserts. And voila, Patta added a clothing line to their brand, mastering the dessert course after the stunning pasta!

The clothing line was an extension of their sneaker success. Each piece was thoughtfully designed, keeping street culture at its heart, much like how a dedicated chef puts careful thought and heart into each recipe. The apparel not only looked hip and trendy, but it also resonated with the brand’s authenticity and Amsterdam’s street culture.

Now, the icing on the cake was Patta’s community engagement, collaborations, and social initiatives. They engaged with their fan base and frequently collaborated with other artists and brands, similar to how musicians collaborate to produce chart-topping hits.

They had their voice in societal issues and constantly contributed to foundations and schools.

Remember our food influencer? It’s like seeing them not only sharing food recipes but also educating their followers about sustainable food practices or contributing to local food shelters. Such initiatives make you relate more to them, right?

To sum it up, Patta didn’t just make and sell clothes. They built upon their foundational love for sneakers and created a streetwear brand that reflected their vision of urban culture, much like an artist creating a masterpiece that embodies their philosophy.

You could say that their rise to recognition was like a well-cooked dish, with the right mix of key ingredients like originality, expansion, authenticity, and social involvement, marinated in their passion and dedication for their craft.

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