what color shirt to wear for passport photo?

what’s the best color to wear for a passport photo?

You should avoid wearing white or light-colored clothing for a passport photo as it can reflect light and cause the photo to appear overexposed. Instead, opt for a darker color like black, navy, or gray.

Additionally, try to avoid patterned clothing or jewelry as these can be distracting in a passport photo. Stick to solid colors and simple styles for the best results.

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what color shirt to wear for passport photo?

The background in a passport photo must be white.

When choosing what color shirt to wear for your passport photo, we recommend avoid wearing a white shirt. Instead, opt for a colored shirt that will stand out against the white background.

Wearing a black shirt is a great way to ensure your passport photo will be sharp and clear.

Other colors that will work well include navy blue, gray, and green.

Just make sure the color you choose is not too close to white, as this can make it difficult to see your face in the photo.

what style of shirt should I wear for passport photo?

When going for your passport photo, you have many choices of what shirt to wear.

We recommend wearing what you would wear everyday such as a dress shirt, a t-shirt, or an Oxford shirt.

You could technically wear any shirt but we recommend avoiding wearing a tank top or a-shirt.