what color shirt goes with grey pants?

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what color shirt goes with grey pants?

what color shirt goes with grey pants?

Any color shirt goes well with grey pants because grey is a neutral, achromatic color.

Not convinced? Let me explain.

understanding the color grey

In order to understand what color shirt will work well with grey pants, it’s first important to understand what type of color grey is.

the color grey
the color grey

The color grey is made up of black and white, and is considered to be a neutral color. This means that it doesn’t have any strong or overpowering hues, and instead works well with other colors.

When it comes to clothing, this makes grey a versatile color that can be matched with many different shades and colors.

color harmony

When determining what color goes well with another color, you need to understand the basic principles of color harmony. This will help you further understand what color shirt to wear with grey pants.

The main color harmony rules include an analogous color harmony, complementary color harmony, and a monochromatic color harmony.

1. analogous color harmony

Analogous color harmony is when two or three colors are placed next to each other on the color wheel and are of similar hues.

This type of color harmony typically works well together, as they share some common attributes.

For example, red, orange, and yellow are all colors within the same analogous group, as they are all warm colors.

analogous color scheme
analogous color harmony

This means that they will typically create a harmonious look when paired together.

2. complementary color harmony

Complementary color harmony is when two colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

This type of color harmony is often used to create a visual contrast, as the two colors work well together but are also very different.

For example, blue and orange are complementary colors, as they are two of the three cold colors on the color wheel.

complementary color scheme
complementary color harmony

3. monochromatic color harmony

Monochromatic color harmony is when all of the colors in a design or outfit come from the same hue.

This type of color harmony is often used to create a minimalist look, as it uses one color and different shades and tints of that color.

For example, a black shirt with different shades of grey pants would be an example of monochromatic color harmony.

shirt colors that go with grey pants

Now that you understand the basic principles of color harmony, you can see that grey is a neutral, achromatic color so it can basically be paired with any color.

grey color harmony
grey is neutral, so can be paired with anything

Since grey can be paired with any color, the only other factors you have to take into consideration when deciding what color shirt to wear with grey pants, is whether the occasion you are wearing grey pants to is a professional or casual setting, and what type of grey pants they are.

1. the setting & occasion

When you’re looking to put together a professional or semi-professional outfit, it can be tricky to know what color shirt goes with grey pants. In general, you have a few different options: black, blue, or white.

If you want to go for a traditional look, then a black shirt is always a safe choice. It’s a classic color that will never go out of style, and it will complement your grey pants perfectly. If you want to add a bit of color to your outfit, then a blue shirt is a great option. Navy or light blue both look great with grey pants, and they can help brighten up your look. Finally, if you want to keep things simple, a white shirt is always a good option. It’s clean and classic looking, and it will match your grey pants perfectly.

2. type of grey pants

Depending on whether your grey pants are dress pants or if they are just grey sweatpants/joggers can also depend on what color you wear.

If your grey pants are dress pants, then you are probably wearing them to a professional or formal setting such as an office or a wedding. If that’s the case, then as mentioned in the previous section, it might be best to stick with white, blue, or black.

If your grey pants are sweatpants/joggers, then you can pretty much get away with wearing any color because you are most likely going to wear these pants in an informal setting.

final remarks

In conclusion, the color shirt you wear with grey pants really depends on the occasion and type of grey pants you are wearing. However, in general, black, blue, or white shirts are all safe options that will look great with grey pants. For me personally, since grey goes with any color, I just wear what I feel like wearing for that day. Thanks for reading!


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